I set a theme for myself of Excellence for 2021. When making choices during my day, I am surprised how often an internal pressure to choose Excellence comes up.

I am reminded of RedHat’s “The Open Organization”. Rather than relying entirely on a cascading hierarchy of authority to fulfill business objectives, everyone serves the Mission Statement in their daily work. Their mission statement is:

> To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way

Mission Statements, like Values, act as a transcendent absolute authority no one is above which helps to eliminate the often relative valuation in decision making without them. At Phase2, our company has values of Authenticity, Collaboration, Creation, Solving, and Adaptation. I have used those values in discussion with people that manage me to win arguments because we ALL serve those absolute values.

My theme for this year has been acting as a mission statement, impacting my personal and professional choices. It has become my mission to serve Excellence. Instead of giving into another hour of mindless scrolling last night, I chose to work through that 40 page chapter I have been putting off. While reading, I was compelled to make good notes to make the most out of the time investment.

Are you drifting in relative valuation? Or is something calling you to service?

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