The frAgile Methodology

I have been in too many discussions about the trouble of handing development teams “finished designs”. Development teams are the first to meet the reality of technical translation limitations and run into all the problems that were always there all along. But this post isn’t an inquiry into the problems or solutions, it’s about coming up with a cool name for this interesting methodology!

frAgile (fairly Agile) Methodology

Here is a depiction of the classic Waterfall methodology. Each step is a dedicated phase that must be completed prior to the next:

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Interestingly in our scenario, the designs are actually pretty great as far as business requirements are concerned. A great job is done to combine Analysis, Requirement Specification, and Design.

Following that (outside of the difficulties mentioned at the top of the article) the DevOps-minded Development and Operations teams does a great job of combining Development, Testing and Integration, and Implementation/Deployment. So it seems like a fairly agile process as compared to Waterfall, but its still two risky steps:

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